One Punchmin

2016-09-09 19:25:01 by JoelOnToast

Glad to see it was a hit! Thanks for everyones feedback, it makes putting in the work all the more rewarding. 

Hope to start a new project soon. 



2015-01-01 17:14:04 by JoelOnToast

Hey! Its been a while since I updated, so i'll fill in anyone wondering what i've been up to over the past year. 

I got hired as a trainee animator for a childrens television series for 10 months, in which time i've learnt quite a lot about the industry. This is the sole reason why I haven't had a chance to make a full fledged film, but I did make an animal crossing parody on the side:

all the other stuff i've done off the clock can be found on my tumblr, which is where i'm posting the majority of my work nowdays: I think im going to be doing a lot more animated stuff, so look out for it in future. Thanks


'Quick attacks' and 'Opinionated about Pokemon'

2013-10-18 17:07:07 by JoelOnToast

My latest WHACKY Pokemon parody

ONE Pokemon parody? how about several?!?

These shorts are originally for a friend on youtube who has happily let me put them together into a silly compilation for newgrounds' amusement. You can see my friends ''opinionated about Pokemon'' series Here

I dunno if I'll be able to get anything out for a while after this now because of job searching and that. I'll just have to see if I can find enough time for myself before starting my next project.


'Quick attacks' and 'Opinionated about Pokemon'

Back with a new flick

2013-07-11 17:10:29 by JoelOnToast

Its been nearly a year since Night Light, but i've finally got round to submitting my newest film 'Pinched' wooo

Its about some guy who gets infected with some really dumb disease and starts turning into a weird lobster thing.. I dunno, go check it out for yourselves

Back with a new flick

Looking for voice actress

2013-05-11 13:18:23 by JoelOnToast

I'm looking for someone to voice a young woman in my newest film. All I need is a giddy laugh followed by a smitten sigh exactly as she does here: 762bbc06097912d7f74a

as well as a brief scream. I'm looking for good quality audio and a clear voice. Message me if you're up for it.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: A voice has been found, thanks for everyone who submitted!

Night Light

2012-09-29 18:39:16 by JoelOnToast

Its been a long summer working on this, but its nice to finally see it up. I hope its a good step up from my other animations, I tried to put a lot more emphasis in facial expressions and movement.

Thanks to everyone who have given me such great feedback on it since submitting, and the staff for daily 3rd. You've made the effort more than worth it.

For anyone interested in the music:

Where I go from here, I'm not sure. Might do a comedy or something idk