Looking for voice actress

2013-05-11 13:18:23 by JoelOnToast

I'm looking for someone to voice a young woman in my newest film. All I need is a giddy laugh followed by a smitten sigh exactly as she does here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/dad6012599f9 762bbc06097912d7f74a

as well as a brief scream. I'm looking for good quality audio and a clear voice. Message me if you're up for it.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: A voice has been found, thanks for everyone who submitted!


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2013-05-11 14:54:49

Woah! That looks fantastic!
Now I wish I was a chick. ;P

JoelOnToast responds:

Haha, much appreciated


2013-05-12 18:59:24

specific type